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r▓ade surplus amongst its global trading partners, Lui sai▓d the U.S. move is not helpful in achieving its goal of balanced trade.Business

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associations also feared U.S. companies would fall victim to the bill as many of them have set up regional headquarters and offices in Hong


Kong and used▓ the metropolis as a base to explore other a wide range of Asia-Pacific markets.The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kon

g has called for support for Hong Kong's special status, saying that many U.S. businesses feared that the bill, with the sections addr▓essing export controls and sanctions, could have counter-productive consequences on them.Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of China Business Wong Ping also said U.S. enterpris▓es will lose their most important and freest base in the Asia-Pacif▓ic if Hong Kong was rescinded its status as a separate customs territory because ▓of the bill.Wong pointed out that international economic relation is not about one side doing a favor for the other, warning th▓at the United States might suffer greater losses once China takes u▓p strong countermeasures.Experts said while the U.S. legislation would certainly have an impact on Hong Kong's economy, it would▓ not be a critical one. It is rather the implementation of the "one country, two systems" principle, the huge mainland market and support from the central government that serves as the strongest impetus behind Hong Kong's development.In the latest move of support, the mainland and HKSAR on Thursday updated▓ an agreement on liberalization and facilitation of trad▓e in services that lowers the mainland market access thresholds for Hong Kong ente▓rprises and profes

umber of important services sectors such as finan▓cial services, legal services, television and tourism services.Please scan the QR Code ▓to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the Q

chaos for a third consecutive day.Officials: ▓Violence will never prevail in HKSAROfficials: Violence will never prevail in HKSAR11-14-2019 10▓:10 BJTSenior Hong Kong officials war

ned on Wednesday that rioters will never achieve any of their demands through illegal acts, as the city descende▓d into chaos for a third consecutive day.Speaking at a news briefi

ng and legislative ▓inquiry, three officials from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government called on the whole of society to support the government and say "no" to violence.No one can use their political ideals or dissatisfaction with the government as an excuse to blatantly break the law, Chief Secretary for Admin▓istration Matthew Cheung Kin-chung said at the Legislative Council inquiry on Wednesday.The recent violence in Hong▓ Kong has been severe and widespread, and it would not be acceptable in any civilized society, Cheung said. The vi

olence has blocked people's way to work and school, deprived them of their freedom of movement and posed a serious threat to the whole community, he said."Violence is pushing Hong Ko▓ng toward the abyss," he added.Cheung reiterated that the government will firmly support the p▓olice in quelling violence, and called on the publi▓c to stay away from illegal assemblies.For the third straight day, protesters disrupted traffic across Hong Kong. Service along two rail lines was forced to shut down completely and a▓ dozen stations were closed.Only 100 of the 650 fr

anchised bus routes cou▓ld offer limited service on Wednesday, said Secretary for Transport and Housing Frank Chan Fan.Chan condemned T▓uesday's attacks on several MTR stations. Radicals severely threatened passenger safety as they threw gasoline bombs▓ at moving trains and scattered debris on rail tracks. About 200 traffic lights were also damaged and in need of repair, he added.A group of locals voluntarily cleared bricks and debris from roads in Yuen Long on Wednesday morning. Traffic in the area has been severely disrupted, with railway tracks damag

ed and roads blocked by debris and bricks from Tuesday's clashes.Classes suspendedThe Education Bureau announced a full-day suspension of school on Thursday due to safety concerns.The chaotic traffic and dangerous road con▓ditions have made it very difficult for students to▓ attend classes, a bureau spokesperson said in a statement.Schools ▓had even received threats to suspend classes for various p▓eriods. Some school buses were damaged after principals refus▓ed to comply, Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung said.▓The Chinese University of Hong Kong

announced on Wednesday afternoon an abrupt end to the current semester, with all remaining classes canceled, after a full day of violent confrontation adjacent to its Sha Tin campus. The university arranged for students to leave campus by bus.Following CUHK's decision, the Hong Kong University ▓of Science and Technology said that classes will be conducted on▓line starting next week until the end of the current term, given ▓the escalation of unrest.Hong Kong Baptist University announced a similar online learning arrangement at the same time in view of p

otential disruptions to campus services due to the ongoing civil unre▓st.The Commissioner's Office of the Foreign Ministry▓ in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region expres▓sed firm opposition on Wednesday to false and misleading reports about Hong Kong by some Western media outlets.A spokesperson for the office said▓ in a statement that those reports accused police of stopping violence with "excessive use of force" and whitewashed rioters' crime of setting an innocent citizen afire and their attempts to snatch guns from pol▓ice officers.The spokespers

on said that selective reports and comments by some Western media outlets in H▓ong Kong have grossly distorted the truth.The spokesperson urged those Western media sources to immediately stop distort▓ing the truth and pouring fuel on the fire in Hong Kong. Otherwise, they would only be condemned by▓ all fair-minded people, including 1.4 billion Chinese.Please scan the QR Code to fol▓low us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina and Thailand on Tuesday pledged to▓ expand cooperation in various areas and work together to facilitate tr

ade and investment to boost regional connectivity and build a more open world economy.China, Thailand agree to advance ties, jointly promote r▓egional connectivityChina, Thailand agree to advance ties, jointly promote regional c▓onnectivity11-06-2019 09:53 BJTBANGKOK, Nov. 5 -- China and Thailand on Tuesday pledged to▓ expand cooperation in various areas and work together to facilitate trade and investment to boost regional connectivity and build a more open world economy.In a joint press statement released during Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's official v

isit to the Southeast Asian country, the two sides also agreed on closer cooperation and coordination in various multilateral platforms to ▓address growing protectionism.China and Thailand agreed to respect each other's development path, share experiences and best practices in national governance, and understand and suppo▓rt each other's core interests and major concerns.The two sides said they welcome closer engagements and support more frequent exchanges between the two countries' government agencies, legislative bodies, political pa▓rties, armed forces a

re in any fo

nd local authorities.The two countries, which enjoy a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, highlighted in the statement the sign

t▓ernal affairs of

the HKSAR.The pass

lation also triggered concer

ns about the eco

cts of Hong Kong

among economic ex

g Kong, who po

inted out that r

if▓icance of economic and infrastructure cooperation in enhanc▓ing growth and prosperity of the two countries, the sub-region and the ▓region as a whole.According to the statement, the ▓two sides agreed to build the China-Thailand railway into a succ▓essful example in bilateral cooperation within the Belt and ▓Road Initiative (BRI) framework, and v

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owed to speed up the implementation of the railway project connecting Thailand's Nong Khai and Laos' Vientiane, and increase rail▓way conne

between the two countries. The leaders of the two co▓untries, according to the statement, have agreed to push forward cooperation in the tourism sector and further increase two-way movement of people.As for coope▓ration on innovation, both sides agreed that it is a highl▓ight in the BRI cooperation.The two sides vowed to push forward projects on communications technology, open innovation centers, high-tech industrial parks and technology transfer centers, and strengthen cooperation in d▓igital economy, smart cities and other fields. They agreed to jointly build a Digital Silk Road.In a bid to promote their economic and social pros▓perity and sustainable development, China and Thailand agree▓d to further expand cooperation in science, technology and innovation through joint research and development programs, researcher exchanges a▓nd technology transfer.Additionally, the two sides agr▓eed to explore cooperation in such fields as biology, green circular economy and cutting-edge technology.On education and people-to-people exchanges, China and Thailand expressed satisfaction with coop▓eration within the framework of the current memorandum of understand▓ing on education cooperation, and agreed to strengthen education cooperation at all levels and in all fields through such efforts as joint education, special▓ exchanges, academic exchanges and distance learning.The two countries also pledged to strive for concrete outcomes in bilateral cultural exchanges, and agreed to jointly organize cultural events next year to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic ties.W▓hat's more, China and Thailand, the statement said, agreed to increase cooperation and coordination in such platforms as the United Nations (UN), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and the Asia-Europe Meeting, and safeguard the purpo▓ses and principles of the UN Charter.China and Thailand also pledged to work together to safeguard the rules-based multilateral trade system, and jointly make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and benef

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